Approved by Govt. of India
Ministry of Labour &
Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs


Providing manpower to construction and road contracting


Our Mission is to provide employmnet service that wil benefit both..


To all inents and purpose, we are engage in recruiting

What we do ?

We are an India based licensed manpower recruitment agency with a valid recruitment license, catering to overseas Clients. We actively search, recruit and screen candidates for employment, according to specific client requirements and deploy them to their work locations.

Job Seekers

If you are a recruiter and searching we can ensure you a better job. We are an ultimate solution source of job.


If you are a recruiter and searching for skilled man power then you are at the right place


  • Project Managers UAE / Kuwait
  • Site Engineers UAE / Kuwait
  • QA / QC Engineers UAE / Kuwait
  • Bsc / GNM Nurses - Kuwait
  • Civil Engineers - Kuwait
  • Lift Technician - Kuwait
  • Labours - UAE
  • Drivers - UAE

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